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What an exciting and a terrifying time for you.    

On one hand, you are starting to move on with your life as you think about college and those next steps.  

On the other hand it is very scary as you think about moving out, where you might want to attend school, out the thousands of schools out there, where do you even look?

Varsity Athlete has a goal to make this a special time for you as you are not alone anymore.  You have help sorting out the various schools, comparing the different aspects of each and bringing up things you never even thought about.

These are some areas that you will learn:

1.  Self advocation - as you learn to communicate with college coaches.
2.  Communication skills - as you talk to schools learning about them.
3.  Clearer understanding of the college options available 
4.  Someone outside of the family to guide you
5.  College visits to help you see what is out there
6.  Lessen the fear and anxiety in the process

It can very daunting trying to do this on your own.  Many recruiting services are really just a website.  Varsity Athlete takes it much deeper and works with you, side by side through the process.  

Many student athletes end up frustrated and quit, or end up in a situation that is not the most ideal.   There is help and hope for you.  

If you are interested, talk with your parents.