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Camp Registration Links

All camps are listed here.  Please feel free to look at them and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The coaches invited are all friends and have a congruent vision as Varsity Athlete.  Let us make sure we are doing what is best for the young women and their long term future and while money is a reality, the focus of the coaches attending is not how much can they make, but can they give back and help you learn and grow in the sport we all love. 

The style of all are similar as they are mentoring style coaches. They are true coaches and do not just watch as you make mistake after mistake but are engaged and will make corrections.  They are there to take your questions, help you grow as a player both athletically and mentally and are there because they really do care about you.

June 3-4 Florida Tech and Western Colorado - Rocky Elite Hosting

Back by request, Jordan is a camp favorite.  His high energy and personal style are 

Per NCAA rules, these camps are open to everyone whether you play club or not, are all skill camps and educational in nature.  Jordan and Brilane coaching style and personality do great with knowledge retention. Learn about their experiences in different divisions and gain knowledge of a variety of different skills.

Location: NOCO Sports Center. 5699 Crooked Stick Drive, Windsor, CO. 80550

Date:  June 3 - U15-18

Time: June 3 - 9am-3pm Please bring your lunch and Q&A with coaches 

Cost: $100 for U14 and below
         $225 for U15-18

Coaches: Jordan Willis, Head Coach, Florida Tech
              Brliane Manchego, Assistant Coach, Western Colorado  
             - depending on registrations

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kip Tani.

Phone: 970-222-7628


Numbers are limited to please sign up soon.

Camp Registration

Annual Summer Road Trip - July 7-13

The importance of seeing different experiences is crucial.   Whether you are thinking large school, small school or somewhere in between.  Different types of academics, geographies, city sizes and so on are all important as you think about where you wish to attend college

So we go visit schools. These are no recruiting trips as the goal is to see different experiences so you can better determine what might work best for you.  

Dates:  July 7-13
Location:  TBD by those attending

If you are interested in potentially joining, please send an email.  Space is very limited and it will fill up.


Camp - Colorado Mesa

Dave and I have been trying for some time to do a camp, and we are trying again.  

A good friend, mentor, great coach and great teacher, I have been wanting him to come for many years.

July 14 is the projected date, but will do some research on whether that date works with tryouts.  

Stay tuned for more information.

Zoom Meetings

Please join for a monthly zoom meeting covering a variety of topics.  

I do not believe in the automatic opt in where you have to choose to opt out.  Does anyone like that?  So if you wish to receive updates on these, please send an email and say opt in so I can add you to the list.

Most of what Varsity Athlete does is brought straight from the college coaches.  From the highest level on down, by asking questions, it is helpful to know the coaches minds as they're thinking and what is important to them is very different than what most parents think are important.  Remember you are approaching the college planning process from your paradigm, but theirs is very different and you have to understand what they believe is important.

Here are some sample topics

1.  AAU and USAV Nationals Preparation
2.  Former college coaches speaking frankly about the process. 
3.  What are coaches looking for in a student athlete.
4.  The huge difference between recruiting and long term planning.
5.  The hard conversation.  Fantasy vs reality in college experiences.
6.  College panels - different divisions talking bout the differences.
7.  What should I be doing at different ages.
8.  Do not forget about your future.
10.  Lets talk tryouts, open gyms and club volleyball.


Small Group Camps

There will be more small group camps with dates to be determined.

There are many schools that can attend, it is just lining up their schedule with what works with the clubs.