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Philosophy and Style


"Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I may remember

Walk with me and I will understand"

This Chinese proverb best describes the services offered through Varsity Athlete.

Many well meaning parents either start too late, have no structure or strategy in place to formulate a sound college planning path.  Most are starting extremely late in the process.  Experience has shown that a great majority, although trying their best, simply are not equipped to take the time necessary to learn the process and thus do it incorrectly.

We are not a typical recruiting organization.  Most rely upon fax or email blasts to college coaches in hopes that someone will express interest in your child.  While this "spray and pray" mentality may often work, the method of operation here is very different.

The goal is to empower your child to learn the importance of self-advocation through research, training and practice.  This process not only helps them in the college selection process, but for their potential internships, first jobs and the rest of their lives.


2% of high school athletes will receive an athletic scholarhip to play at the college level.

Of that group, over half will not finish their 4 year career.

These sobering statistics are daunting as you plan for the next step.

Many well meaning parents begin the process without realizing that precious time is passing that cannot be recovered.  Others work with companies who automate the process and while many of these can work, often times the aspect of the right fit is lost.

Fit is crucial for your child's experience as a combination of the athletic, academic, social, geographic and financial components all need to be put together to make the puzzle fit properly.

You are unique, so creating something that is personal to your family in order to find that ideal college experience is really what we are all wanting for your child.  They only have one chance at this, so let's make it the best experience for them. 

Over 90% of the athletes placed remain at their school of choice.  That success rate is very important as failure often leads to additional cost, disillusionment and frustration.  This is in stark contrast to the national average.

Because of our education first policy along with our high success rate, not every family is accepted into the program.  Those athletes in the gold category are all screened and go through an assessment to best determine the right fit so you may try and narrow down to the schools that best fit your long term academic goals.

As stated, if you want someone to walk with you in the process and help empower you to accomplish your academic and athletic goals, please feel to contact Varsity Athlete.


Importance of Fit

There are many companies who provide a website.  In essence a personal webpage is a file cabinet where coaches can look at your academic profile, your athleticism and your goals and see if it is a match.  

The philosophy here is a bit different.  While sending out huge numbers of emails hoping one sticks has some value, we prefer a more targeted approach that relies upon our questionnaire along with an interview to help determine what may be the best situation for you the student athlete, your family and the institution.  

Our goal first and foremost is that you find the best institution for your education, your athletics and your future.  This concept of FIT is why most of our clients remain at their chosen school, even if they are not playing their sport.

Here is a sample list of state that Varsity Athlete clients currently or have played in.

South Dakota
North Carolina
South Carolina
New Hampshire




Varsity Athlete is based in Colorado but sends its student athletes across the county.  Clients have come from states such as Florida and Arizona as well as Colorado.

If you would like a consultation, please feel free to call the office or email.

Cell:  970-222-7628



If you wish to sign up, please follow the link.